The New Wall

Sundays 10:30 am (September-June) | 9:30 am (Mid-June to Mid-September)


A new retaining wall has been installed. Donations to cover the cost can go to the Improvement Fund.


It is interesting in the Great North Woods  how rocks affect our lives. Here at St Paul Lutheran, we are built on the Rock, Jesus and we have a mighty big rock ledge in the basement of the church. We have multiple retaining walls that need attending and currently one is causing us  to have concerns:  the retaining wall in the front and side of the church building needs care .. Repaired or redo is the current quandary. We are gathering information to make informed decisions for this summer’s work schedule.


We also have a Choir that ROCKS! 

We had a great Talent Show in July 2017 for the WALL

What amazing talents we have up here in the North Country. Thank you Kathy or Marilyn for putting together a Great Show!

Donations are still being Graciously Accepted to cover the cost of the wall